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Zootopia Ringtone Mp3 Download – Try Everything – I won’t give up’ by Shakira

Zootopia Ringtone Mp3 download

Zootopia, the 3D animation series which got released in theaters on February 17th of 2016. This chart topper box office hit has got a great scope of having a demanding ringtone in it. There is an awesome song sung by Shakira in this movie ‘Try Everything – I won’t give up’. Such an inspiring song with great music and lyrics and it’s an anytime great option for being the best ringtone for smartphones.

A few words about the movie.

Zootopia, the 3D animated movie that tops all the rating charts of 2016 first quarter. The movie deserves to hold it’s top ranks as it has got a unique thought and new bottle of story narration in it. The movie talks about a totally unique thread that a town named Zootopia, which is filled with animals who run a life as similar as today’s civilized human beings. The central character of Zootopia is Judy Hopps, a passionate rabbit who wants to join the Police department and do good for the society. The movie goes through the challenges and funny incidents that Juddy goes as part of her Police department job. Hopps also finds a partner who helps her through out the movie, that is Wilde, a cute red fox. This is about the very basic plot of this interesting movie, now we are going to share a few interesting and rare facts for Zootopia fans, which you wouldn’t have probably heard it before.

Unknown facts of Zootopia

  • Zootopia, the movie has got three different names in three different countries.
    • United Kingdom – Zootropolis
    • Zoomania – Germany
    • Crazy Animal City – China
  • Zootopia is the 55th animated movie from the Walt Disney series.
  • Shakira gave voice to the character Gazelle – A famous pop star with great fans.
  • As part of Zootopia’s animal research animators spend very long time in  Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Kenya to learn more about animal’s life cycle and other features.
  • The designers of this movie created the Zootopia city by getting inspirations from the real cities that includes  New York City, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Brasília.
  • Initially during the first stage of preproduction, it was written to make the red fox Wilde  the central character and the rabbit to be the sidekick, but during the course the team realised that a flip will more fun to the house.
  • Zootopia, the funny animated movie has also got some serious records in it’s name.
    • Zootopia is by far the highest-grossing movie of 2016.
    • 16th highest grossing animated movie in the world.

So that’s all about some insteresting facts about Zootopia. Now it’s time for you to download all the cool ringtone collections from this Boxoffice hit movie Zootopia.


Zootopia Ringtone – Try Everything – I won’t give up’ by Shakira

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Zootopia Ringtone Mp3 Download – Try Everything – I won’t give up’ by Shakira (Louder Version)

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