Big Show – Ringtones and WWE Theme Songs Download

Big Show WWE Theme Song Ringtone Download
Big Show Theme Songs & Ringtones

Big Show Theme Song Ringtone Download: Welcome to  WWE entrance theme music songs ringtone collections of super star Big Show. We have two variants of Big Show entrance music for you to download free.

  • Crank it Up – The Latest Big Show Entrance Music
  • Old WWF/WWE Big Show Entrance Music

This exclusive collection also includes both mp3 full song versions and ringtone versions for free download.

Big Show WWE Latest Ringtone: Crank It Up 

Big Show WWE Latest Theme Song: Crank It Up – Full Download

Big Show WWE Old Theme Music: WWF/WWE – Full Song Download

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Big Show WWE Old Theme Music: with Arena Effect – Full Song Download

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Like always BananaFry also gives you some awesome facts about BigShow. A true fan should never miss these.

9 Facts About Big Show that you din’t know

  1. Real Name: Paul Donald Wight II is the real name of Big Show
  2. Before Big Show: Before getting the name Big Show, he used to known as ‘The Giant’ in ring.
  3. Actor Too: Big Show has also proven his skills by starting in many Hollywood movies and series.
  4. Hogan’s Role: It was Hulk Hogan who introduced Big Show to this splendid wrestling career
  5. Two Decades: It was 1995 when Big Show appeared first as a professional wrestler. It’s been more than 20 years of journey that Big Show had in professional wrestling.
  6. Reason Behind this Size: Big show had acromegaly, a disease which caused him to have this huge body size.
  7. Sports Career: Big Show was the strongest backbone of his school basket ball and football team. His heavy body size helped him be the toughest.
  8. Car isn’t Enough: Big Show has 7 ft 1 Inch height this makes him difficult to travel by car. So he took a bus and driver for his daily travelling.
  9. Workout: Big has recently posted a photo on Instagram where he was working out had with his trainer cut down all his fatty look. And those photos look shocking that he even reached the level of abs pack ready.

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